Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Reflection On past Experiences Free Samples †

Question: Discuss about the Reflection On past Experiences. Answer: Writing purpose The purpose of writing this reflection narrative is to reflect upon the experiences, I gained through the execution of the allocated duties and responsibilities. This reflection helps me to evaluate the effectiveness of my approach in the workplace. Taking into consideration the sources, which I referred for gaining this experience, helps me to delve deeper into the aspect of evaluation. Types of roles the experience adopted My role as a decision maker proved beneficial in earning a thrilling experience. The process I underwent justified my role within the workplace. The tag of decision maker is a matter of hard work and rational attitude towards considering every aspect related with the issues. I feel the role of decision maker is itself so enriched. This is because of taking an unbiased decision. Appropriate Channels and documents matching the experience I referred to various books, journals and websites on law. Along with this, I also referred to the documents related to the case. Collection of data and information from the people concerned provided me with a diversified experience regarding the different approaches to an incident. I had a thrilling experience in being a part of the victim and culprits survival strategy. Short description of the experience At the initial stage, I was surprised when I was asked to play the role of decision maker for the case of a conflict in the workplace regarding difference of opinion. Although it is a petty issue, I feel conflicts destroy the workplace productivity (Valentine, Fleischman and Godkin 2015). Therefore, when I was provided the role of decision maker, a different kind of hesitation and nervousness hovered around me. Adaptation of the message by the writer for the experience My confirmation was necessary for initiation of the investigation process. However, I suffered from hesitations and dilemma regarding accepting the offer. During this phase, I was calculating the consequences. On the other hand, I was experiencing excitement, as I was to play an important part in my professional life. Therefore, the thoughts of a thrilling experience helped me to accepting the offer. References Dwyer, J (2016), Communication for business and the professions, 6th edn, Pearson, Melbourne. Valentine, S., Fleischman, G. and Godkin, L., 2015. Rogues in the ranks of selling organizations: Using corporate ethics to manage workplace bullying and job satisfaction.Journal of Personal Selling Sales Management,35(2), pp.143-163.

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